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M:+44 (0)7836 232748

T:+44 (0)121 772 0180

Fair Dairy

Details of the dates and locations where you will find Bob Wilson Fun Fairs.


1st – 11th July

King George’s Field

Sutton Oak Road

B74 2AQ

Southall Park

15th – 25th July

Kensington Gardens(Carousel)

14th July – 5th September

Gloucester Park

29th July – 8th August

Mandeville Park Way


11th- 15th August

Norwood Green

19th – 31st August


4th September

Oxford St Giles

6th-7th September

Witney Feast

13th-14th September


16th-18th September

Abingdon Fair

4th-5th October

Nottingham Goose Fair

6th-10th October

Abingdon 2nd fair

11th October

Stratford Mop

11th-12th October

Banbury St. Michaelmas Fair

13th – 15th October

Stratford Runaway Mop

22nd-23rd October

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